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Insurance Claims
Everybody needs insurance. From the developers who buy liability insurance for their multi-million dollar construction projects, to the elderly who purchase long-term care insurance to support their care, we all buy insurance for the same basic reason, which is to protect ourselves in the event of catastrophe.
At Miles & Westbrook, we strive to make your insurance policy work properly. We know what the fine print means, and we know how to use it to maximize your recovery. We represent individuals and businesses in insurance coverage disputes and insurance bad faith litigation. We help them obtain a defense paid for by their insurance company. We work with individuals and businesses outside of litigation to make sure they have the right insurance policy and they understand what it means.
Need advice about an insurance claim? We have many years of experience in the following areas:
Homeowners Insurance
If your home or personal belongings have been damaged, we can assist with your insurance claim from start to finish. We can help submit your claim to the insurance company and deal with its adjusters. We can help make sure you get the benefits you paid for, including alternative accommodations for you and your family while your home is being repaired. If your insurance company wrongfully denies your claim, we can sue to recover what was promised under your insurance policy. At Miles & Westbrook, we have a successful track record of obtaining recoveries for our clients, including recovery for homes damaged by weather, fire, and toxic mold.
Construction/Business Insurance
When construction defect lawsuits are filed, Miles & Westbrook assists both developers and contractors in getting a defense under their insurance policies. We are highly experienced in dealing with complex coverage issues, including coverage litigation. We also help contractors and developers outside of litigation to make sure they have the insurance and protection they need for their projects. If you are a developer or a contractor, we can assist you with your commercial general liability policy, your builders risk policy, the additional insured requirements of your contracts, your OCIP policy, or your Subguard policy.
Long-Term Care Insurance
People who pay expensive premiums for long-term care insurance reasonably expect that they will be covered when they become sick or elderly and are no longer able to care for themselves without assistance. Unfortunately, insurance companies sometimes attempt to wrongfully deny coverage or otherwise limit their contract responsibilities even after an insured qualifies for benefits. If you or a family member is being drowned in red tape by a long-term care insurer, the attorneys at Miles & Westbrook can help. We can work with your doctors to make sure that you have a proper plan of care. We can make sure the proper paperwork is being provided to your insurance company. We can review your policy to make sure that you are getting all the benefits you have paid for, such as potential payment for caregiver training or the possible waiver of your insurance premium once coverage is activated.
Insurance Bad Faith
Your insurance company owes you a duty of good faith and it is required
to conduct a prompt, fair, and unbiased investigation of your claim. Unfortunately, sometimes this does not happen. At Miles & Westbrook, we assist policyholders when their insurance company is slow to recognize its duties. We have a proven record of success against insurance companies who deny valid claims or make lowball settlement offers. When warranted, we zealously prosecute claims for emotional distress and punitive damages.
Insurance Broker/Insurance Agent Liability
If you believe that your insurance broker or agent failed to deliver the insurance coverage you asked for, or if you have an elderly relative you believe is being taken advantage of by an insurance broker or agent, we have the skill and experience to help.